Welcome To Pressplay Pets!

The service Pressplay Pets offer is not about just “getting a dog”. That’s the easy part if that is all you are interested in. That is not what Pressplay Pets is about. We are only about helping potential pet parents who want to do the right thing. They are people who do not want to support the shocking puppy farm trade, backyard breeders and even some unethical purebred breeders. They want to do it right for the pet they are about to bring into their lives forever.

There are quite literally hundreds of shelter and rescue groups in Australia. Some of them care for all type of purebred, mix or species; while others may specialise in just one particular breed, group of breed or even size!

This can be confusing enough, until you start searching through the thousands of photos of dogs looking for forever loving homes. It takes a strong person not to fall for every single one of those little faces looking back at you. But now you have the process of reading all the descriptions, medical waivers, clauses and application processes. Making the final decision on which one to adopt can be very overwhelming!

The most important and fundamental factor to a successful match is how well the pet fits your true lifestyle; not the lifestyle you “think you have”, not the one you promise “you will start”, not the “breed” you necessarily have in mind and not even “the look”. To find that match, it is important that you keep an open mind! Adopting a dog is not unlike falling in love, it may be with whom you least expect!

There is no such thing as a perfect dog, but there is definitely a perfect dog for you and I will help navigate you along your adoption journey and together we will find the best fit for you and your family. If you need help to complete your family and feel you are the type of amazing paw-parent we are looking to represent to our dedicated rescue groups, then get in touch we would love to help you!

(Note: Pressplay Pets are not paid by any rescue group and we never accept payment from them for recommendations of particular pets or successful adoptions. We charge only our consult fee to our client for the time that is involved in searching and screening hundreds of dogs and representing our client to the rescue organisation/s.  This allows us to continue offering honest, unbiased recommendation of potential pet matches.)