Hi I’m Nikki, pet guardian at Pressplay Pets!

When my beautiful pets Corey and Morticha passed away just three months apart in 2012, I was devastated. Because of them I started Pressplaypets.com, we began as a blog in 2012; providing articles on health & care, news, reviews & personal accounts of unconditional love & at times heartfelt pain of pet parenting.

Like most animal enthusiasts, my personal pet experience, passion and ethics was formed as a young child where my family were always surrounded by a variety of animals. I was raised to treat our pets only ever in a kind, respectful and gentle manner. I am now a very proud mumma to two beautiful Papillons; Amber and Indy.

My passion for all things pets has only continued to grow over the years; I have spent many hours in veterinary clinics and specialist hospitals with my own pets, educating myself on breeds, undertaking workshops, natural animal care, behaviour, collecting donations for rescue groups, connecting with rescuers and animal care professionals whilst also volunteering my time as adoption counsellor for an animal shelter and adoption events. I can spend hours just talking to people about their pets. It is my life’s passion.

Adopting a pet whether it is a puppy, dog, kitten or cat is not and should never be a matter of first in best dressed. It can be both time and emotionally consuming and even a frustrating experience for some. Responsible rescue groups (and reputable purebred breeders) are not about adopting out a pet to the first person who applies; and rightly so. There are already far too many animals surrendered to shelters and rescue groups, many as a result of impulse buy or poor choice due to limited understanding of the chosen pets needs and what the new parent needs to do or change in themselves to make it work. My goal is to be a solution in reducing these outcomes.

Like all successful matches; they do not “just happen”, they require patience, understanding and respect to work. It’s about the right fit for you and the pet!

Through my devotion to animal rescue, responsible pet ownership along with personal and professional experience I will help complete your family through pet adoption; one pet at a time.

(Note: Pressplay Pets are not paid by any rescue group, shelter, breeder or private adopter and we never accept payment from them for recommendations of particular pets or successful adoptions. This allows us to continue offering honest, unbiased recommendation of potential pet matches.)