Getting Started

Your first step to completing your family is to simply contact us!

Once we “Get Started” what is involved?

Initial Consultation and Assessment:

The most important step!  We meet with you and your family.  This is where we get to know YOU!

Lots of important topics will be discussed; such as your expectations, wants & needs along with your family & social environment, work schedule, your favourite activities, why adopt and so much more!  

The Search Begins:

Now that we have gotten to know you, this is where WE get busy…really busy searching for your pawfect match! 

This may take a couple of days or even a couple of months.  We don’t mind if it takes a little longer than expected, that’s because we are all about furever matches! 

Meet and Greets:

We will work closely with our amazing rescue groups, shelters, breeders or private adopters to find the right pet for you.  Once we have established a customised match a “Meet & Greet” will be arranged so you can meet your potential match!  

We will be with you the entire way!

Bringing Your New Family Member Home:

We offer advice on matters such as the first night, the first few weeks, socialising, walks, enrichment activities, food, leads, harnesses and more!  

(Note: Pressplay Pets are not paid by any rescue group, shelter, breeder or private adopter and we never accept payment from them for recommendations of particular pets or successful adoptions. This allows us to continue offering honest, unbiased recommendation of potential pet matches.)

* Phone consultations, meet and greets and advice available for customers outside of Brisbane region, conditions apply.