Private Pet Re-homing

When you choose to re-home your pet through Pressplay Pets private re-homing service this means:

  • You are not just keeping your pet out of the shelter system but you are also allowing a space to remain available in a shelter for a pet that does not have any other option.  Shelters can than focus their already stretched resources on rescuing more strays and cruelty cases.  More space for these animals means fewer animals are euthanised.

  • You do not have to pay a surrender or re-homing fee.

  • Your pet gets to go directly from your loving home to another.  Pet adoption with less stress, less chance of illness or euthanasia is a far better choice for the pet you love so much.

  • You get to be involved in the entire journey in search of that perfect home for your pet.

  • The new adopter gets to meet and learn about the pet from you.  The person who truly knows them best.  Not a stranger performing a behaviour assessment based under a stressful and foreign environment.

  • If you do not have one already, we will help you set up your Supply Number. Now a legal requirement in Queensland when selling or even giving away a dog or puppy.  Regardless of the circumstances!

  • We will you help you with your pets microchip change of ownership.

  • Pressplay Pets is a growing community that connects people who need to find a new home for their pet with people who want to adopt a pet like theirs.  We do all the interviews and if necessary even property checks.

  • What happens if the adoption doesn’t work out?  The adopter can re-list the pet with Pressplay Pets at no charge.

The Problem:

In Australia, pounds are not required to share their euthanasia rates.  However, larger shelters such as the RSPCA are much more transparent, with their annual statistics always made available to the public. 

In 2019 / 2020 financial year, the RSCPA annual statistics claim to have dealt with 73,997 cruelty complaints and have taken in a staggering 112,530 animals!  More than 73,436 of these animals were dogs and cats and 13,180 of these dogs and cats were euthanised. 

The staff don’t want to do this.  Regardless of the reason, it is a decision that no animal loving person ever wants to make.  Animal shelters, pounds and rescue groups do amazing work, but they can only do so much, they are overwhelmed and often reach capacity with the amount of surrenders, strays and cruelty cases they receive. 

Pressplay Pets is a humane option to help keep your pet out of a shelter, pound or rescue group and in turn increase their ability to care for the strays, injured and abused animals that really do need to be RESCUED. 

Our Solution:

Anyone that has ever worked or volunteered for an animal rescue; be it a shelter, pound or small private group will be first to tell you they were never supposed to be a place for pets. They are called RESCUE for a reason.  To rescue and rehabilitate animals in need of being RESCUED!

Our goal, is to keep pets that can be at home with their loving owners until a suitable adopter is found through our stringent interview process.

We understand that taking the step to re-home a beloved pet is not an easy decision to make. It certainly is not one that any loving pet parent wants to do. 

At Pressplay Pets we know that if you have come to us for help, then you truly only want the best for your pet. 

If you need to re-home your pet and would like Pressplay Pets to help you, please contact us.