Dog Questionaire

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SECTION 1 - A little about the dog you have in mind

What breed/s are you “keen” on.    (This is for me to get an idea of what your dog “looks like”; though don’t forget you may need to be flexible as it is more about the personality than look!)
What size dog do you have in mind?
(Tick all that apply)
What age group/s would you consider?
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Would you consider a dog with special needs?
What activity level will your dog have?
Where will your dog spend its time during the day?
What access will your dog have to the yard?
Where will your dog sleep at night?

SECTION 2 - A little about you

Where do you live in Australia?
Please advise your current status?
What kind of lifestyle/s best describes how you live?
(Tick all that apply)
What is your current living arrangement?
What type of dwelling do you live?
How many people reside in your household?
Are there any children residing in or frequently visiting your household?
(Tick all that apply)

Are there any elderly / frail or disabled people residing in, or frequently visiting your household?
Have you adopted a pet before?
Is the adoption cost a factor in your search?
What is your dog ownership experience?
Are there any other pets currently in your household?
(Tick all that apply)
Are there any other pets that visit your property?
(Tick all that apply)
On average, how many hours per day/night would the dog be home alone?
Do you have a secure dog proof fenced-in yard?
How did you hear about Pressplay Pets?
(Tick all that apply)