Select A Dog Breed


By completing the Bow Wow Meow Breed Selector quiz you now have more insight into the type of breeds that may be a good match to your lifestyle here in Australia!

The next step in your search for your most suitable dog can either be to sift through hundreds of websites with thousands of potential dogs, OR you could work with Pressplay Pets and help save a life by adopting a rescue dog.

We are a pet adoption consultation service that specializes in private re-homing. We will safely navigate you through the process of searching for the most suitable dog to complete your family.

Pressplay Pets are not paid by any rescue group, shelter, breeder or private adopter and we never accept payment from them for recommendations of particular pets or successful adoptions. This allows us to continue offering honest, unbiased recommendation of potential pet matches.

If you would like us to help you, please fill out the contact form below, letting us know your top breed recommendations from the Selectadogbreed quiz results, and we will then be in touch.

Our favourite breed is rescued 🙂