Success Stories

Every time I make a match possible I hold that pet in my heart forever. Here are some success stories that make my heart happy. I hope to add your very own success story here soon! Nikki

Bron & “Millie”

My husband and I have always owned Bull Terriers. It had been a few years since our last one passed away and I assumed when we got another dog, it would be a Bull Terrier. I never thought I would have considered adopting a senior Maltese, but that was before Nikki told me all about Millie! She is now one very spoilt little girl (a regular at cafe’s in her doggie pram) and absolutely suited to our retired lifestyle. Millie even has my husband wrapped around her little paw!

Michael & “Tico”

I had always wanted a tiny Chihuahua! Preferring to adopt, I asked Nikki if she could help. Along came Tico! He is just what I wanted; tiny and full of typical Chihuahua attitude. He fits into my life perfectly!

Felicity & “Chloe”
Chloe Welcoming Me Home!

We were looking for a second dog to complete our family and be good company for Beau, our 7yr old red/white Border Collie. My partner heard from Nicole of a beautiful 11mth old black/white Border Collie recently rescued. That was 2yrs ago and since then Chloe has been a bright light in all of our lives, Beau has been happier than ever with his new sister and Chloe loves learning new tricks and playing tag with her friends at the dog park!